About us

The company ACP Environment AG was founded by Enrico Caruso and Enzo Capozzi as the general partnership ARIAS Caruso & Partner in 1991. 

Both company founders attended the engineering school in Biel and subsequently completed postgraduate studies in environmental engineering.

In the initial phase it concentrated on the development of systems and equipment in the field of
tunnel sensor technology, which already at this time had the economic and safety-related
requirements were fully met.

In order to cope with the rapid market growth, own sales offices abroad were established.
At the same time, the company's own sensor development was expanded. In the year 2005
the general partnership ARIAS Caruso & Partner into the joint stock company ACP Environment AG
converted. The aim and purpose of the conversion was to accommodate the ongoing corporate growth
...to do justice.

Today ACP Environment AG is one of the leading general contractors in the field of
tunnel sensor technology. Time and time again, it successfully adapts to new market requirements and -
conditions. Thanks to additional specialists, ACP Environment AG is today in a position to also
execute complex projects in a goal-oriented and efficient manner over the entire duration.