Grid Measurement in Tunnel

Sense and purpose of a flow network measurement according to standard 5802

A flow network measurement can be used to control various electromechanical plant components. With this principle, the flow is measured over the entire tunnel cross-section and thus results in a representative measurement. The measured values obtained can be read in and saved for further applications. General: - The natural flow in the tunnel can be determined. Ventilation: - The maximum performance of the ventilation can be measured and checked. – The performance of the ventilation at each individual stage can be measured. – The required thrust of the individual fans or the entire ventilation can be checked. Wind measurement: – The correction factor of the wind measurement for new systems can be specified.


  • Tunnel Rosenberg, St Gallen (CH)
  • Tunnel TRIN, Graubünden (CH)
  • Tunnel San Bernardino, Graubünden (CH)
  • Tunnel Bözberg TUBO, Aargau (CH)
  • Tunnel Belchen, Basel (CH)
  • Tunnel Raron, Wallis (CH)
  • Tunnel Nations, Genf (CH)
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